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Contact Us

While our goal is to be able to handle all Network issues from #help, we are aware situations will come up where this will not be possible. Click the link below to join the channel.
We do encourage the use of #help as a first attempt to resolve any issues you may have while using IRCStorm, as there will be live help available, rather than having to wait for an email response.

You may identify staff in #help as the following (Please Note: The symbols used here ONLY apply to #help for Network/Server/Services Issues).
Persons with + (Voiced) & % (Half op) are helpers who are knowledgeable as to the basic set up of the Javachat Client and Network services.
Persons with an @ (OP) Symbol are IRCops/Network Co-admin & Network Admin. Depending on the level of the issues you are having, staff is in frequant communication and will relate your issues to the appropriate person/people.
Additionally we would encourage the use of memoserv as a method of communicating with staff before sending an email, as again, a response to an issue will be seen more readily in chat then in email. To use memoserv you must first have a registered nickname and use the prompt: /msg memoserv send Nick I have a problem.

IRCStorm Staff will NEVER ask for passwords related to your nick/channel or any passwords you have outside of chat. If someone is requesting that information please report it to a person in #help with an @ symbol. To maintain the integrity of your nick and/or channel we would encourage you never to share that information with anyone else.

The following links are ways you can contact us:

Live Chat Support

Simply click this link to join our help channel. Once you have connected, ask your question in the open chat.

To review answers to frequently ask questions, please visit our Forums.

The following email links will allow you to email us with your question or comments:

Akill: Email if you feel a Network Akill (Ban) has been set in error.
Administrators: Email the Network Administrators with comments of concerns related to Network level issues. (i.e. Servers, Staff)

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