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IRCStorm Helpers

Helpers are very important to our server. We rely on many volunteers all over the world to assist our users in the registration of their nick and channels as well as setting up the java chat applet on their website.

From time to time we have positions open for users to become helpers. If you are interested in becoming a helper please read the following information. Please visit our Staff Page for information on our current Staff and Helpers.

1. Helpers remember to talk to people on their own level. Be polite and don't try to impress people with your knowledge just guide them through whatever they need to get done as simply and quickly as possible. However if someone is wanting to spend more time just chatting about it don't cut them off. Every user is your friend treat them like you need them and they will continue coming to IRCStorm.

2. Below is a few questions you might encounter in help, or have as a helper, and their answers if you have any suggestions for questions that should be added to the list email [email protected] and include help questions in the subject if you'd like to become a helper email the same address with I want to be a helper as the subject or contact us in #help.

3. Helpers should either be 18 years of age or very mature, using condensed words such as "u r" "thnx" "u" are not acceptable, as we need to portray ourselves in a professional manner. English should be your primary language, or you should be fluent in it, as the vast majority of our client's are English speaking.

The following applies to all Network Staff

4. Nicknames of Network Staff cannot contain profanity, or other derogatory terms. Entry Messages should be limited in size and relatively mature in content, if inappropriate you will be asked to modify it. Scripts are only allowed by the staff if approved by the Network Admins, as they can interfere with and confuse people seeking our assistance.

Questions Answers
How do I register my nick?
/msg nickserv register password [email protected]
How do I change my nick?
computer user /nick newnickhere
web tv user /msg irc nick newnickhere
How do I register a channel?
/msg chanserv register #channel password description
How do I join a room?
computer user /join #channel
web tv user /msg irc join #channel
How do I get a bot?
first of all there is a list of bots from botserv /msg botserv botlist you find the bot you wanna have in your room then type /msg botserv assign #channel botnick
What does the fantasy setting on my bot do?
/msg botserv set #channel fantasy on allows extra commands as !op !deop
What does the symbiosis setting on my bot do?
/msg botserv set #channel symbiosis on allows u to use /msg botserv say #channel blah or u can use /msg botserv act #channel blah
What does the greet setting on my bot do?
/msg botserv set #channel greet on allows people on the access list that have a greet set to join and the bot would say their greet
How do I set a room topic?
computer user /topic #channel the topic
web tv user /msg irc topic #channel the topic
How do I tell if a nick is registered?
/msg nickserv info NICK
How do I tell if a nick is identified?
/msg nickserv status NICK
if the status number is 1 they aren't registered or identified
2 means they are registered just not identified
and 3 means they are registered and identified
How do I set an auto greet for my bot?
/msg chanserv set #chan greet greet here
How do I set a entry msg?
/msg chanserv set #room entrymsg the msg
Where can I get Java for my webpage?



Makes the channel G Rated. Any words in Syntax: /mode #channel +G
No nickname changes are permitted in the channelr Syntax: /mode #channel +N
No +I users may join that channel. (Setable by Admins). Syntax: /mode #channel +H
Gives halfop status to the user Syntax: /mode +h
Exception ban - If someone matches it they can join even if a ban matches them Syntax: /mode #channel +e
Gives protection to the user (No kick/drop) Syntax: /mode +a
If +l is full, the next user will auto-join Syntax: /mode #channel +L
Gives voice to the user (May talk if chan is +m) Syntax: /mode #channel +v
Gives operator status to the user Syntax: /mode #channel +o
Needs the channel key to join the channel Syntax: /mode #channel +k [password]
Bans the nick!user@host from the channel Syntax: /mode #channel +b
Number of max users = Channel may hold at most of users Syntax: /mode #channel +l [numeric value]
Strip all incomming colours Syntax: /mode #channel +S
Set a channel /invite is not allowed Syntax: /mode #channel +V
Set K channel /Knock is not allowed Syntax: /mode #channel +K
Set a channel Admins only channel (set only by netadmin) Syntax: /mode #channel +A
Set a channel IRCop Only channel (set only by IRCops) Syntax: /mode #channel +O
Set a channel No kicks able in the channel unless by U:lines Syntax: /mode #channel +Q
Set a channel Channel Founder Syntax: /mode #channel +q
Set a channel (Color Block) Syntax: /mode #channel +c
Set a channel Requires a registered nickname to join the channel Syntax: /mode #channel +R
Set a channel Channel is registered Syntax: /mode #channel +r
Set a channel to operators only may set the topic Syntax: /mode #channel +t
Set a channel No Messages from outside the channel Syntax:/mode #channel +n
Set a channel Moderated Syntax:/mode #channel +m
Set a channel Invite Syntax:/mode #channel +i
Set a channel secret Syntax:/mode #channel +s
Set a channel private Syntax:/mode #channel +p

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